Hello! I’m Paula Rose Parish

Thanks for being here. This is my first blog post on Your Wellness Matters, so let me share just a little about myself. I am a grandmother and I have a Social Science Master of Arts in Counselling in Professional Development, an Ordained Minister, Published Author, Life Coach. Paula has published 2 books relating to Coping during the Covid-19 Pandemic, loss, grief, and difficult times, and is working on the third book about Mindfulness.  In addition, she has extensive experience as an NHS hospital chaplain in mental health, hospice, general ward, maternity, and staff support.

I have other blogs – www.paularoseparish.com is about food for your soul and

www.moonrosemindfulness.com is dedicated to mindful living

I am interested in health and wellbeing and enjoy sharing what I have learned with others.

 Like many of us, I have had health issues and found the natural way to health and healing of benefit to me. I believe that prevention is better than cure so to stay health and well, we must learn what is it that can assist that. I am interested in holistic health and wellbeing which encompasses  the mind and body experience. Over many years, I have   researched many aspect of it, and  enjoy sharing what I have learned with others. This blog is a way I can share with you, and start the conversation on the health and well- being.

Holistic living is those who want to improve their lifestyle.  Whatever difficulties weigh us down, living holistically can address any problems we may have. Living the holistic way is for anyone of any age, ability, or life circumstances, looking to heal, enrich or empower their life with joy bringing well- being peace and calm.

If you believe your Wellness Matters and want to engage with wellness and health ideas generally, please connect with me, follow this blog, comment and let’s get the conversation going!

 Lets, talk about healthy eating, exercise, mental health, and related subjects.

I would love to create a community of likeminded people to learn from each other’s  knowledge and experience.

For Good Mental health- I have created a NEW Course is Live on Udemy called – the Mindfulness Masterclass for Stress Relief – click here for more details.  https://www.udemy.com/course/the-mindfulness-stress-relief-master-class/?referralCode=1FA203E550AC769AC33A

✔BOOKS BY PAULA available at AMAZON in the UK, USA, Aust;

📚Nothing Good about Grief: Path to recovery with Psalm 23 after COVID-19 & other losses.

📚Psalm 23 Unwrapped: Hope in difficult times

CHAT WITH ME 📸 Instagram: paularoseparish2020 YOUTUBE: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCvdQ4NPTNfXSnwd3pimPh0g

FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/paula.roseparish.5/

PINTREST: https://www.pinterest.co.uk/proseparish/_created/

LINKED IN: https://www.linkedin.com/in/paula-rose-parish-6320a6181/

To Listen to PAULA’S POD CASTS   https://anchor.fm/paula-rose-parish

Published by Paula Rose Parish - The Hope. Faith. Love & Your Wellness Matters Community

We are a community that is dedicated to the Faith Lifestyle, Health, and Wellbeing. Come join me, as I explore Lifestyle Wellness of Mind, Body & Soul for women particularly. I share Great Tips for Wellbeing to stay healthy and for everyday living. Today, WELLNESS is used not only in terms of health and fitness but also wellness of Mind, Body, and Spirit. I believe that the only true wellness must include the whole person. Check out the menu bar on both sites, and Click the Follow button on the bottom right, and also subscribe to my monthly newsletter💗

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