When a person puts themselves out there on the world wide web, they put themself in the position of being judged. 

 This article shares the relationship between Mindfulness and a healthy identity image for women.

Researchers Aileen Pidgeon, and Elyse McNeil, write that body image dissatisfaction among women is widespread. Therefore, the researchers examine Mindfulness to empower women and help them develop a positive identity. The goal is to protect women across the life span from developing body image dissatisfaction.

Pidgeon and McNeil found that women who develop a robust feminist identity through the use of Mindfulness for empowerment may increase their ability to lessen what they think is ideal and decrease the risk of developing body image dissatisfaction.

Social media & identity.

As women, we may feel insecure and vulnerable when engaging with social media. Online platforms contain images of perfect bodies, faces, and lives, then we look in the mirror, examine our not-so-perfect life and see someone unworthy. Then over time, insecurity and a negative identity image begin to take root. to make matters worse, when we get trolled or attacked in some way online or in the real world. When people target us with hurtful words aimed to hurt us, there is a danger that we take it on board, destroying our self-confidence. Once our self-confidence is shaky, we doubt our identity- the root of who we are.

 As human beings, we find security in our identity, which helps us to stand firm when misunderstood, trolled online, or personally attacked somehow. When we feel secure in who and what we are, we are not obsessed with what others think of us and can put aside things that are not important. Being secure in our identity also secures our body image to a positive one.

The mindful life feeds not only one’s mind but also the soul. (If you are interested in all things to do with faith issues, visit Mindfulness calms one’s mind, which enables hope and peace, then the body responds positively. Mindful living enables appreciation and love of oneself. It brings joy into the moment. 

When trolled online or being personally attacked verbally, many cease going online, caused by fear. 

Having a positive sense of identity enables courage to rise within us, which helps us keep pursuing our goals. On the other hand, a low self-image can cause overthinking. Overthinking is harmful to one’s mental health because there is a buzz of assumptions, ideas, and judgments that confuse ones thinking processes. Overthinking may cause an overreaction to a situation or the feeling of overwhelm. As a result, we doubt our goals and why we are pursuing them- we doubt our ability to carry them out. Mindfulness inhibits overthinking, bringing calmness of mind.   

The way we think and what we think about has a direct bearing on how we feel, react, and behave. For example, if a person overthinks or worries unnecessarily, they may feel a sense of sadness or anxiousness.

Pay it no Mind 

 From time to time, when online, I have been trolled. I tried to rescue the situation to bring a resolution; however, I realised that this was a deep a dark hole I was going down. The more I tried to bring some calm; suddenly I had dug so deep that I could not see over the rim. So finally, I have buried myself in all the turmoil and hurt!

Sound familiar?

 Well, I think if you are a rescuer or fixer, you can relate. However, nevertheless, doing nothing is the best thing to do and even the right thing. We must learn when it is time to quit. To do nothing and surrender to the situation, take some time out, and be mindful will restore our confidence.

Just Breathe- Mini Workshop

To Prepare:

  1. Ensure that there are no distractions.
  2. Turn off your phone and move away from anything that may disturb you during this time.
  3. Find a comfortable position, either sitting or lying down, with your head, neck and spine aligned.
  4. Uncross your legs and let your hands rest quietly in your lap or by your sides.
  5. Loosen any tight clothing and gently close your eyes.

Mindful breathing is the calm focus of attention on the in-and-out out-breath. Do not try to change your breathing in any way- breathe naturally; be mindful of the In and Out rhythm.

 Place no judgments, no expectations, bring your awareness of your breath moment to moment.

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Pidgeon, Aileen & McNeil, Elyse. (2012). Mindfulness, Empowerment and Feminist Identity Development as Protective Factors Against Women Developing Body Image Dissatisfaction. The International Journal of Healing and Caring. 13. 1-13.

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