My Lovely Mindfulness life


I found that the mindfulness lifestyle benefited my health and total wellbeing. Be sure to watch the video where I share more of my experience in mindfulness. 

My Routine  

Most days I now start with a Bible reading, meditation, and prayer. I find it helps set me up for a focused and relaxed start to the day. I then do a workout that may last up to 45 mins. I ensure that I approach my exercise Mindfully, to get the very best out of it.  I do another prayer /meditation before bed which I’ve found helps me to totally unwind so I can have some better-quality sleep.  

I would not have created this blog, videos, my course, and books if it wasn’t for mindfulness which has acted as a therapy in so many ways for me. Therefore, I am totally enthusiastic about mindfulness and want others to benefit from it too. 

 My Why 

Apart from understanding the benefits of mindfulness, I believe I am called to share hope, faith, and love, that our maker bestows, and mindfulness has all those elements. 

So, I am pleased to write about my own journey I have read that it’s a waste of my time and my energy to tell everyone how amazing mindfulness is and how much it has helped me in my everyday life. I found a problem with this idea that in my enthusiasm, it’s but hard to put into practice when something has changed your life so profoundly! Also, haven’t we a responsibility to help enhance the lives of others, in any way we can? 

Over Thinking 

All my life, I have carried for my mind, body as well as soul the best I could,  however, I was always an overthinker which made me anxious, which lead to a habit of being a worrywart. 

I enjoy being well organized and want to be always one footstep ahead of myself, so I set out a project plan to run for every quarter of the year. However, looking ahead to my goals, I can overthink them and fail to focus on the task in front of me. 

Also, in a social setting My mind would grind ahead to projects so when I should be enjoying the moment, in my head I was planning things out. 

 I would overthink to the point that I would out plan my life and worry about the possible circumstances of my old age or death ( I officiate at a lot of funerals) . 

The past would catch up with me as I worried about the stupid things I should not have said or done, and the good things that I should have said and done. 

So basically, I supposed everyone did this, that their minds were bursting with stuff they were thinking, stuff they wanted to say, all the time.  

The problem was that I would burn out from all the overthinking and worry. my poor limited mind would overload with it all, the consideration of the past, present, and future. 

 I once was in an abusive marriage. It was then I developed panic attacks that went on for hours, and with the overthinking/worrying habits my suffering was made worse. 

With the upset, my stomach would twist and churn till I felt sick. I would often ruse to the loo because of diarrhoea that was caused by nervousness. each morning I dreaded waking up because I knew I would be anxious and physically ill before I even began my day. The possibilities of things through the day to worry about were massive. I am also very dyslexic, so I shied away from anything to do with the discussion, writing, or public speaking as much I could. Due to my dyslexia, form filling out, writing, and reading caused me GREAT anxiety.  


I was eventually diagnosed with depression, general anxiety disorder, and irritable bowel syndrome. I did not want to take medications for all of them but opted to change my diet and lifestyle instead. 

 I wanted to heal the natural way by becoming more self-aware, so when I discovered Mindfulness I felt liberated!  The bonus was that by connecting Mindfulness with my lifestyle and the health of my mind, body, or soul, I felt in control of my life once again.    

 I found that for me mindfulness worked well if I made it a ‘lifestyle’ rather than as a practice where one dips in and out. By way of practice, I would forget to be mindful but making it a lifestyle soon became second nature.  

The detail of creating well-habits is dealt with in another blog post.  

The Takeaway 

For good mental health, Mindfulness is a beautiful way to conquer thoughts that produce stress, particularly in the first stages when you feel overwhelmed with the damaging assault of thoughts. 


Thank you for visiting me here and being part of this new community! 

This Blog is very New, growing, and developing, so keep an eye out for updates. If you’ve enjoyed this article, Come back here as I post regularly.

Take Care

Paula Rose Parish MA

👱‍♀️Thank you for visiting me here and being part of this community!

On this site I share what I know.  This blog is growing and developing, so keep an eye out for updates. If you’ve enjoyed this article, Come back here as I post regularly.

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 I look forward to your next visit here and remember–

                LIVE in HOPE, FAITH & LOVE because Your Best Life is Yet to Come! 

Paula is an Ordained Minister, Blogger, Podcaster, Course Creator, Speaker,Published Author and has a Master of Arts in Counselling and Life Coaching.



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