The Quality of Life: EVERYONE WANTS IT – WHAT IS IT?

The Quality of Life: Is it essential?

Chronic diseases and symptoms can limit a person’s ability to perform daily activities, causing them to lose independence. If you want to change this, you need to place more focus on living well than living longer. However, when you emphasize living well, living longer is often the natural outcome anyway.

How Do I Improve My Health?

If you’re looking to improve your health-related quality of life, your meals and snacks should consist of primarily whole, plant-based foods, including fruits, vegetables, legumes, nuts, seeds, and whole grains. These kinds of foods consumed in your regular diet are less taxing upon your body’s organs than heavy protein such as meat. That also has a cleansing effect upon the blood, helping you avoid that dreaded plaque build-up within your arteries.

Animal products are okay to eat but make them more of secondary food, rather than your go-to food.

Should I take Supplements?

While eating a healthy diet is crucial, you can further improve your health-related quality of life by taking supportive supplements.

 I have taken supplements all my life. The soil and farming conditions are not what they used to be. Fields are not left fallow for one year anymore; therefore, the soil does not get a chance to rest and renew. So artificial chemicals have to be added to ensure a bumper crop. Whatever is in the soil is absorbed into the food and then you eat it. The same is with meat. The meat industry wants quick profits, so the animal is pumped with growth hormones to grow them faster and better to arrive on your plate a lot quicker. These growth hormones are absorbed into the animal’s tissue. To a measure, therefore, the consumer ingests it as well.

 For these reasons, I take supplements because they boost my immune system. So, the supplements will counteract anything that I may unwittily eat. Of course, this is not a guarantee, but my thinking is that if I look after my body the best I know how, then if I do get sick, I have a clear conscience because illness is not due to something that I did or neglected to do.

Good quality natural, anti-inflammatory supplement is an excellent way to support your joints and overall health. Supplements that combine research-backed, anti-inflammatory ingredients including turmeric root, Boswellia serrata extract, resveratrol, collagen (type II), black pepper extract, and hyaluronic acid work synergistically to improve joint comfort, mobility, and flexibility so you can live a healthier, happier life.

The conclusion is to Eat for Life. Eating for health benefits ensures a quality of life that will bring you joy every day. As a matter of course, responsible persons should take the time to educate themselves and their children about the benefits of healthy eating.

The life you choose to lead, no matter your level of education, the field of interest, or even your level of income, etc., does not affect your quality of life. There are plenty of unfit and unhealthy millionaires. There are plenty of unfit and unhealthy professors. So, stop making excuses and be determined to be fit, healthy, and well.

 After all, do you think you will have a good quality of life if your children or someone else is forced to look after you?

 You choose.

Paula Rose Parish MA.

Paula is a Wellness Coach, Blogger, Podcaster, Course Creator, Published Author and has a Master of Arts in Counselling and many other qualifications and a lifetime so, I have heaps to share with you.




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