How to Delay Age-Related Mental Decline

Challenging your brain regularly can have incredible long-term effects. Here are why it’s important to keep your brain sharp: What are the ways to keep your mind sharp? Some of the ways I’m going to talk about are stuff that you already know, but you may want to hear it again. We all have to prepare for old age, especially if we have dementia and Alzheimer’s in our bloodlines. Check out what I have to say about keeping your brain in tip-top shape!

Increased Memory Capacity

When you keep your mind sharp by challenging it to learn new things, your brain works harder. As a result, your memory capacity increases.

A well-known and interesting study, that you can find on London taxi drivers and bus drivers: a structural MRI and neuropsychological analysis – PubMed ( it was discovered that London taxi drivers had a larger hippocampus which is the area of the brain that forms and accesses memories than London bus drivers. This was because the taxi drivers had the daily challenge of finding and navigating numerous streets on demand, unlike bus drivers who follow a set route.

Increased Cognitive Capacity

By regularly challenging your brain, you’re improving and strengthening the connective tissue in your brain’s neurons which helps them perform better and quicker. One can challenge one’s brain in a variety of ways. For example

Go on! Learn a new language

Do Puzzles that challenge you

Learn Meditation because it gives you the ability to gain full control over your mind and how you react to the world.

There’s an abundance of evidence that shows how important exercise is not only for a healthy body, but a healthy mind also.

Reading is one of the best ways to increase your mental capacity. Because of my dyslexia, I had never read a full book until I was well into my 20s. I didn’t know I was dyslexic until I was In my late 40s, but the teachers told me I was just lazy- which I knew wasn’t true. I could have stayed in that mode, but I wasn’t happy that I wasn’t learning anything, and I wanted to be challenged. So, it was then that I decided to bite the bullet and learned to read properly.

People who read a lot of books are better at recalling information than non-readers. That’s why you should read more books and publications on a wide variety of subjects, and just challenge your brain! Rather than wasting hours vegging out in front of a TV, which was easy to do during the COVID pandemic- or social media-ing mindlessly on your phone, check out books to read at your public library or on-line

Spend time with people who are motivated, focused, and want to learn and grow the way you do Challenge yourself that include other people. Trip the Light Fantastic! Dancing is a social interaction that helps in sharpening your brain while improving your coordination. I like board games but not much else. But you may be different. Research shows that When you participate in interactive, challenging games and activities with others you’re 65% to 75% more likely to remain sharp and prevent memory disorders from occurring, such as Alzheimer’s and other neurodegenerative diseases.

Adequate Sleep is so important for not only refreshing your memory but healing your brain also. The older I get the more I suffer from disturbed sleep. Even if you do everything possible to improve your cognitive abilities, your brain still won’t function as well as it should if you fail to get enough sleep. After trying it all and reading all the books, for me, I rise from bed at 5 am and get into bed by 9 pm and then read for an hour and find that this helps me to sleep all night. I feel so much better about it, getting quality sleep can help your brain recover after a frantic day. Try what works for you and don’t watch TV, or your electric devise after 9 pm, or you may be awake all night!

Stop cramming the information in your head! Instead, When you’re trying to recall something you’ve just read or heard, repeat the information out loud as well as write it down. This helps to imprint the new facts into your memory. This is one of the skills I learned as a dyslexic but for everyone, it’s a wonderful habit to develop to enhance your memory. However, don’t just repeat the information several times and then not review it later.

Instead, plan to go over it again shortly. Review the new information every few hours throughout the day, every day, until it becomes embedded in your mind and becomes a habit. When you space out periods of study, you’re helping to improve your memory.

Make Schedules.

I had to face it that If I don’t make a schedule- stuff just doesn’t get done. Today’s business world is exceptionally competitive and busy. That’s why making schedules and prioritizing should be a requirement for your personal development growth rather than an option. We all know that time flies by, so time management is of extreme importance if you want to advance in your personal and professional development.

The above tips will help you expand your brain function. This process, known as neuroplasticity, is how your brain expands its capacity. Put simply, neuroplasticity, which is also called “brain plasticity”, is your brain’s ability to go through physiological or structural changes.

Delay Natural Aging Mental Decline

Although the cognitive decline is usually inevitable with aging, it’s possible to delay the symptoms and beat the odds of developing dementia and other forms of memory loss.

But making the effort and just by doing some simple, well-constructed brain exercises, you can improve neuroplasticity. As a result, you stand a greater chance of overcoming the decline of mental functioning that naturally occurs with aging – and that GREAT NEWS!

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