Why you should do Crafts to Boost your Mental health – and grow your brain! 

According to the crafts council UK…’ Research published by University College London’s MARCH mental health network – formed in 2018, with members including the Crafts Council and the Museums Association – shows that engaging with the visual arts can reduce reported anxiety and that visiting museums can protect against dementia development. ‘Cultural activities encourage gentle movement, reduce social isolation, and lower inflammation and stress hormones such as cortisol,’ said the report’s author, Dr. Daisy Fancourt. ‘The arts are linked with dopamine release, which encourages cognitive flexibility, and they reduce our risk of dementia.’  This is not a speculation but there are many other studies back up these findings.

In practical terms, I have found the above to be true, for example, I enjoy decorative planning, greeting card making, coloring, and other creative activities. When doing some crafts activity daily, I have more positive psychological functioning. I also experience increased engagement- mindful awareness of whatever is going on in my day – Happy Days!😎


Many years ago, when I was in the nursing profession, we helped patients’ recovery by engaging them in art-based activities which enhanced their total well-being.  

Unlocking the creative mind enables us to become more open to the possibility of new possibilities and develop a positive outlook. In addition, the enjoyment of doing crafts contributes to psychological well-being through increasing pride and happiness, self-awareness, and a sense of achievement.  

Craft practices, such as coloring books for grown-ups (which I love doing) and the upsurge of interest in cooking from complete scratch and productive home gardens, are being looked to as something of a simple remedy to the stresses and pressures of modern living. These activities are called mindful activities. Mindfulness is where you focus is on your body, mind, and emotions engaged in your task. Some people also engage spiritually with their tasks. This mind, body, and spirit connection brings holistic strengthening and healing. 

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Repetitive actions are suitable for your brain. Repetition helps to strengthen the brain’s neural processors for learning and teaches you to practice, master, and retain knowledge.  

Repetition is so important because it allows practice and reinforcement while being needed for skill mastery and success. We all learn through repetition and memorization, which helps to strengthen the brain’s neuron processors for learning; this is where crafting comes in. Crafts, by and large, are repetitious, particularly things like knitting. Even for a short while daily, engaging in crafting will help grow the brain’s neuron processors – Happy Days!😁


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