3 Tips on How to Start Your Day Happy and stay super positive!

  1. Wake Up Early in the Morning.

If you wake up early, you will tend to eat breakfast because you have the time. However, when you get up late, you are rushing out the door, which forces you to grab something convenient or skip eating altogether. Skipping breakfast often creates more lousy eating habits later in the day. If you’re hungry because you missed a meal, you’ll be likely to reach for something sugary to keep you going. After a night of restful quality sleep, your skin will glow! If you’re a mature woman like me, when I first wake up, my face is puffy, so I splash cold water and do a quick face massage to distribute the fluid in my face. I also have a sinus problem that can make my face puffier in the morning. Splash cold water on your face reduces puffiness almost in an instant, and certainly wakes you up!

And if you’re an early riser, you’ll have time to adopt a skincare routine. So take advantage of the morning hours to give your skin some extra TLC. Like the breakfast example above, people who get up later in the day tend to focus less on healthy morning habits like hydrating and exercise, which oxygenates your blood and promotes healthy skin. Early morning risers can also use the extra time to exfoliate, moisturize and cleanse. It makes you feel great as well, which does wonders for your mental health! Having a predictable sleep routine ensures that your skin and, indeed, your organs get the right amount of time to rejuvenate.

2. Stretch Your Body

Ever seen a cat or dog not stretch when they wake up? They all do. I have 2 small dogs, and they really put time into a good stretch. This is because they wake up their bones, muscles, and joints before taking even one step. Stretching allows the blood to flow more freely around the body, making you feel fantastic! A word of warning- be careful not to overstretch as you can get a cramp or pull a muscle! Remember, everything is in moderation.

3. Make Your Bed.

When you rise early, you have the time to make your bed. I love a tidy bedroom and if the bed is not made it makes the whole room look untidy. I have a water bed, so it’s just a matter of straightening out my bottom sheet, fluffing and stacking up the pillows, then throwing over the duvet. This gives me a lift because now I have a tidy bed to sit down in and get dressed and ready for the day.

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