Feeling the need to be in control – PART 2-HOW TO GIVE UP Control.

In Part One, I shared how you know how badly they need control to impact our lives. So, it should be no surprise that there is much to gain from giving it up.

FIXING the need to be in control PART 1

Feeling the need to be in control is a natural human emotion. We all inherently need control over our lives, and we feel safe when we know what is going on. However, it’s essential to realize that we can never control absolutely everything in our life. Trying to do so will lead to many negative emotions. WhenContinue reading “FIXING the need to be in control PART 1”

What Constitutes a Mental Health Problem?

By observing and listening to the patient / client with an open mind, we can better understand and treat mental health issues.

Self-Sabotage -2 Tips for Recovery

When someone is afraid of a commitment of any kind, they feel that they will be hurt somehow. To protect themselves that sabotage the relationship or the situation to make it end, or they may prematurely end the relationship even if it is going well.

Your Personal Development: Adults can Act Out and What to do about it.

Author of over 200 articles and two published books, Paula Rose, continues to write on the wellness of mind, body and spirit.

Personal Development and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy: Be in the driving seat of your life

CBT recognises that people hold values and beliefs about themselves the world and other people so one of the main aims is to help people to develop the visibility to develop a flexible non-extreme help self-help beliefs about themselves and adapt them to pursue their goals.

10 Tips for achieving Personal Development- for a fulfilled life.

Understanding what NLP becomes a useful tool for you in your personal development journey.

5 ways mindfulness will improve your  decision making 

Mindfulness helps decision making by putting into thought-forms descriptions of what is really going on effectively.

Be healthy using the Seven Dimensions of Wellbeing.

The Seven Dimensions of Wellbeing serves as a wonderful guide for us to follow to ensure optimal health.