Tips on how to stay well when EXPERIENCING family estrangement

As you learn to live with the consequences of estrangement from your loved one, each one of these aspects can uplift you to a new degree of ability when dealing with your own and others’ emotional reactions

POSSIBLE CAUSES OF YOUR Depression: and Risk Factors

Most of us have or will suffer depression at some time in our life. I have suffered a couple of times, and its certainly no joke to try to cope with – as well as new baby, toddlers underfoot and a husband who works way from home. 

HOW to LOVE Yourself 3 TIPS TO Self-Compassion

Self-compassion has a similar history as mindfulness in that it has existed in Eastern philosophy for over 2,000 years. However, it is a relatively new concept in Western research and practice (Neff 2003).  In this article, I will discuss how mindfulness living helps with being compassionate toward oneself. What is Self-Compassion? Researcher Kristin Neff statesContinue reading “HOW to LOVE Yourself 3 TIPS TO Self-Compassion”

My Lovely Mindfulness life

For good mental health, Mindfulness is a beautiful way to conquer thoughts that produce stress, particularly in the first stages when you feel overwhelmed with the damaging assault of thoughts. 

Stop SEEKING Validation from others- Its a TRAP !

When we strive to gain the approval of others, we become trapped within our own mindset. As a result, we adjust our lives and even ourselves, so others will love us. We can lose our very identity and lose complete touch with who we really are as autonomous human beings in the process. Sadly, this mindset can lead to serious mental health problems.

How to Eat Mindfully to stay healthy over Christmas

This is a time that we should not neglect self-care. Neglecting to care for our wellbeing may lead to stopping us from enjoying the festive season, and we don’t want that! Before, during and after Christmas and New year, you need to take the time to look after yourself mindfully – even if it’s just in a small way.


This article shares the relationship between Mindfulness and a healthy identity image for women.

Hello! I’m Paula Rose Parish

Like many of us, I have had health issues and found the natural way to health and healing of benefit to me. I believe that prevention is better than cure so to stay health and well, we must learn what is it that can assist that. I am interested in holistic health and wellbeing which encompasses  the mind and body experience.