What Constitutes a Mental Health Problem?

By observing and listening to the patient / client with an open mind, we can better understand and treat mental health issues.

Personal Development and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy: Be in the driving seat of your life

CBT recognises that people hold values and beliefs about themselves the world and other people so one of the main aims is to help people to develop the visibility to develop a flexible non-extreme help self-help beliefs about themselves and adapt them to pursue their goals.

5 ways mindfulness will improve your  decision making 

Mindfulness helps decision making by putting into thought-forms descriptions of what is really going on effectively.

How Journalling, affects your health positively.

Join me as we chat about HOW JOURNALING will HELP YOU stay POSITIVE for SUCCESS
Developing the journaling habit can release your negative thoughts and emotions, setting you for success!

How to Start each day with deep Breathing exercises for your well-being.


Why you should do Crafts to Boost your Mental health – and grow your brain! 

When doing some crafts activity daily, I have more positive psychological functioning. I also experience increased engagement- mindful awareness of whatever is going on in my day.

How to Stop Worrying and Find Peace of Mind.

Worry steals your life- it makes you focus on the negative things, instead of moving you forward into a bright future. Worry can make it difficult to relax and rest, even contributing to many physical ailments.

Is Your Health, Wellbeing, and Quality of Life Worth the Effort?

It’s all about being aware of you, your health your well-being in all those aspects mentioned above, and doing something about them to maintain them will give you the life you desire.

5 Reasons Why Mindfulness Helps You.

I previously wrote an article about 8 tips for compassionate leadership and will link it for you HERE. https://wp.me/p9UfPQ-10o This article aims to strengthen your skills to boost your best possible decision-making abilities to enhance your business and your life. Mindfulness Awakens Compassion In the first instance, let’s look at mindfulness in the context ofContinue reading “5 Reasons Why Mindfulness Helps You.”

Hope in Difficult Times- A new ebook coming out soon!

We can become trapped in our grief, not knowing how to let go of it. With the help of Psalm 23, this book offers ideas that may help you to learn coping strategies while maintaining contentment and happiness regardless of your circumstances