FIXING the need to be in control PART 1

Feeling the need to be in control is a natural human emotion. We all inherently need control over our lives, and we feel safe when we know what is going on. However, it’s essential to realize that we can never control absolutely everything in our life. Trying to do so will lead to many negative emotions. WhenContinue reading “FIXING the need to be in control PART 1”

10 Tips for achieving Personal Development- for a fulfilled life.

Understanding what NLP becomes a useful tool for you in your personal development journey.

The Amazing mental benefits of mindfulness!

“Mindfulness also allows us to become more aware of the stream of thoughts and feelings that we experience.

POSSIBLE CAUSES OF YOUR Depression: and Risk Factors

Most of us have or will suffer depression at some time in our life. I have suffered a couple of times, and its certainly no joke to try to cope with – as well as new baby, toddlers underfoot and a husband who works way from home. 

9 Tips to keep your mind healthy and sharp: Your Wellness Matters! 

Although cognitive decline is usually inevitable with aging, it’s possible to delay the symptoms and beat the odds of developing dementia and other forms of memory loss.